Think Twice before Dressing up As ISIS Jihadis group this Halloween…

isis costumes is not cool

Through out the years, people of all ages have been dressing up for Halloween im costumes ranging from Native Americans, movie characters, superheroes, amd so forth. In fact, I’ve even seen costumes this year for people to dress up as a Sexy Ebola nurse (something I personally find hilarious).
However, what I find extremely concerning is that people seem to think it’s funny to dress as ISIS Jihadis. Why?? I’ll give you a few reasons why…
1) ISIS is an extremist group of terrorists that have caused far too many deaths of civilians and soldiers. Sure, we’ve always dressed up as things or people that have frightened us sunce we kids. (Scream, Freddy v. Jason, etc). What makes this different and far worse??
2) ISIS is also NOT a representation of the rest of the Muslim community. By thinking you can dress up and make fun of this group of Jihadis you’re causing one guant stereotype that ALL Muslims dress in such a way. From the inappropriate-ness of the way the turbans, niqab & the rest of the clothing is being worn. This also includes the sexy female costumes…really?? Have you EVER seen a Muslim woman dress in such a way? Good. Grief!
3) By dressing up as ISIS you also dishonor those who have risked tbeir lives to fight this group, as well as those non-soldiers killed.
So yeah, let’s all go and dress up as ISIS and further cause a racist view towards a group of people that are traditionally non-violent. That have been stereotyped by said terrorist groups AS being violent, & already are still having to deal with the after affects of 9/11…
Round of applause for those with a lack of respect amd for thinking they’re funny. I know this is Halloween, but think carefully before deciding to dress up as a group of people that don’t deserve to have this shit thrown around them due to terrorists thinking they’re right. Or, those who have had to fight ISIS, etc.
Just saying.


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