What Most Runners Hate the Most…or Grinds our Gears …

Earlier this morning i ran my first Turkey Trot 10K (6.2 miles). It had been awhile since I had run a race, but since I figured I’d actually be in town this year…why not?? I admit to being disappointed in my finish time, I have recently been having breathing problems and it may more than likely be asthma, and I also ended up twisting my ankle on some ice. oops! However, I didn’t let either one of those stop me and I continued my run even though I had to slow down for a short time to limp, then start back up slowly but surely.


Though I’ve run half marathons before (13.1 miles), I am still going to have to say this was by far more mentally challenging for me. This brings me to the point of this piece (it’s been a while since I’ve had to write anything due to finals, etc). I’m always asked, sometimes rudely, why I can run a half yet still struggle now and then either mentally or physically in shorter distanced races. Really?!

Well for starters, today wasn’t even above 0 degrees F, thus I had to push myself to run in the coldest weather I’ve ever had to before. Two, just because a runner has raced a longer distance before doesn’t mean they may not have an off day. Hell, I can’t tell you the number of times I got cocky in high school thinking “Oh, yeah! Easy Peezy!” and ended up starting out too quickly or even not eating the right foods, etc. It’s even harder to tell yourself to watch your pace since I am used to running longer distances, thus have to normally pace myself slower.

What REALLY grinds my gears though is when you’re told you did poorly and they (the one who didn’t run or doesn’t that often) claims they could have done better. You know what, I find that also amusing since last I checked YOU did not run or train for the race as all of us had done. So what? Not all of us can be the best or elite runners, but we CAN try our best and train ourselves baby steps at a time.


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