Traveling is where my Heart is, but MN is where it was raised…

Sorry I haven’t posted in months!! To be honest, and it sounds like a dumb excuse when you think about it, I’ve been out of the country for quite sometime and though I had access to internet it was real crappy and not worth sitting there for hours in the hopes that it would work. 😛 I hope to get back into the normal swing of things, though I am now way behind schedule to post a human rights issue every single day for the goal I had set for myself. But, one can’t predict always what kind of internet (slow or not working at all) they’ll have once they leave for another country.

However, since I am back on here now, I suppose I’ll write briefly on how much we all come to appreciate the lives we have and share with others once we leave for someplace new. Though I have traveled all over the United States as a child, to either camp or visit relatives, I never truly realized just how important one’s hometown for state can actually be. It’s not that I ever despised Minnesota (besides its horrible cold that I am never capable of warming up to), but having lived in the Duluth area my whole life up until I started college in the cities I had honestly become highly disinterested in the place. To me, it was either a great place to be as a child and in middle school to hang out at the mall with your friends or go to the beach where Lake Superior is still ass cold even in the summer time. Heck, unless you were young or old enough to walk into a bar and buy a drink, there wasn’t that much up there. Yeah, I camped and enjoyed the outdoors but it was normally the same places every year. It wasn’t until I had the chance back in high school to do an exchange program in Germany that I noticed just how addicted I was to traveling and wanting to leave the States.

This last trip, and my second time back to Europe, it hit me part way through that though I loved the old towns and architecture and exploring the new cultures they had to offer, Duluth and Minnesota was my home. It’s where I was born, raised and grew up. Where I spent my time as a little girl running in the fields and woods until it was dark out. I may the cold and nasty winter weather here, I may hate the lack of connection I feel compared to when I travel and visit Europe, but I still learned to appreciate the beauty of the town and place I once called home. In the end, the places we grew up may very well remain our “homes,” since home is, after all, where the heart is and I believe the heart can be in many places at once…


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