I Got Lost in My Own World

Dear Readers/ Followers,

I am so, SO terribly sorry that I have been gone for many months. First I was studying abroad (again), then I was preparing for the upcoming school year (plus more studying abroad), and now I have been focusing on my research topic for my Global Studies major. Thankfully, I will have lots of internet access here in Germany as I look into the Syrian refugee crisis in the area as I study here at Universitaet Trier. I am very excited for my next project and, this time, I will try to post as much as possible to keep you updated as to what I am doing.

I have a large tendency to forget about the outside world and those around once I become focused on something. I have heard lectures from my grandmother about my lack of eating at times when I do since I was a child, and recently my best friend had wondered what had happened to me! -_- I guess getting lost in thought is another good reason to have named my blog “Now there’s a thought…or two…” haha!

I know…I am HORRIBLE at this whole blog thing…I honestly don’t know sometimes how all of you do (and so well too)!!


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