Third Time’s the Chicken Shit

Three times.

Three times now I have traveled to Germany and the European Union. Three times now I have greatly looked forward to what adventure awaits for me. Three times I have arrived and made countless of friends, and created relationships that I know will last me a life time. Out of these three times, however, I have only once been nervous and even slightly frightened of what lies ahead. Third time I am a chicken shit…

I am now studying here for an entire school year at Trier University (Universitaet Trier) in Germany. I’m not nervous about what my classes will be like, or not making friends (I already have made plenty of those since day 1 of Orientation). No. What I am nervous about is that I don’t want to let myself or my professors back at my home university down. Currently, I am re-configuring my research topic for my major. Originally, I was going to focus on the Turkish population around me and do a comparison to the United States on the growth (or lack of it) of immigrant populations. Now, with the rising Syrian refugee crisis, I am trying to figure out how I am going to get a completely different topic done in the time I have AND focus on my classes here that I need for back home.


My last post I shared how I was going to try to focus more on my blog here, and I feel as though I have let everyone down on having fallen so far behind on my idea of wanting to post 365 Days of Human Rights. (Should I just give up on that or keep sharing bits and pieces of information here and there?)

I have never felt so unmotivated and lazy in my entire life (though I admit those middle school years of turning into a pre-teen were pretty bad!)

Anyways, back to my arrival here in Trier. This is my first time being this far West in Germany. The area is beautiful and full of vineyards that blanket the hills. I have found tons of trails and paths to run and explore (so hopefully I can add more updates into that category as well). Nobody here understands my American sense of humor- which I am no surprised about! We Americans are pretty sarcastic, plus with my “sexy imagination” it adds up to only a rare crowd here of a few other Americans or even English people who get me. I’ve never felt so “not funny” before in my life!!

The weather here is similar to Duluth, MN though not as windy, and I am still wearing a light jacket due to on and off light rain showers. I’ve been on and off crabby lately too (and no I am NOT PMSing!) due to them taking their sweet, slow time with our student registration. I like taking my time to eat here at the restaurants and cafes, but when it comes to my bank account, money and paperwork? Yeah…not so much. We’ve all been grumbling for the last week or so, and we still have two weeks of orientation left. *sigh* This will be a long wait I can tell…lol

Our first two days here they took us out drinking (and the university paid!!). Day one was orientation opening at a winery with unlimited wine and food (some took WAY advantage of that as you can imagine). Day two was none other than a pub crawl…right after the winery night! The Germans definitely know how to drink!

I ran into another American while shopping at the local Kaufland earlier this week. Now I already have plans to get involved with the Democrats Abroad here in Germany. It’ll be a great volunteer experience and not to mention will give me something to do besides studying for classes and hanging out campus and Trier for sports, etc. The internet here sucks and I am, for the first time ever, using an Ethernet cord. They don’t have our wifi passwords set up quite yet either so I feel as though if I am not out and about then I am stuck in my dorm on my computer.

The dorms!! Ah how I love thee…they’re single apartments with our own kitchen and bathroom. In my opinion, WAY better than having to share dorms in the states (or pay extra to be by yourself yet still share the bathrooms and shitty kitchen area). As my newly acquainted Chinese/ British friend Aleron would say, “These homes are quite posh.” I tease him on saying that almost 20 times a day at one point. This is posh, that is posh…posh, posh, posh!!

I don’t like the spiders I find in my room from being on the ground floor, however I think I killed them all last week. Maybe…

I am beyond angry with myself on forgetting to bring my NOOK with me, or even a book to read, so I have been listening to podcasts on my iPod. That’s annoying me since without my stipend from my university for another two weeks a lot of us don’t have the ability to buy pre-paid phones to save money on our own phone bills. *another sigh*

Tomorrow we are splitting into groups to go on “Exkursions” (excursions). My group is heading to Crochem and another winery (more free wine possibly?! Hell yes for me!!) Fingers crossed that the weather holds up though I am a wee bit doubtful.


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