Reason #1 that you should Travel to Germany!

I may have been to Germany and Europe three times now, yet no matter how many times I visit (whether for a month or a year) there is always something new and more beautiful than the first place you went. Today was one of those days and I have a feeling that over the next year here in the Rhine-Pflazz it won’t be the last.

Our first stop on our group excursion was to Burg (Castle) Cochem. This is probably one of the oldest castles I have visited while in Germany. Reichsburg Cochem is believed to have originally been build around the year 1000, and later the castle would be occupied by troops by King Kondrad III. My favorite part of the history was hearing about how King Adolf in 1294 had the castle and surrounding area pawned off in order to pay for his coronation as German emperor. If you want more in depth info you can always visit the city’s main website for the castle! I don’t want to bore anybody with too much history as I know not everybody is as nerdy as I can be about such things.

The view of the city and surrounding area were by far my favorite part of the day (not including the free wine and liquor but that’s later in the day). The “vacation home”/ palace, as it was described to us, was a bit drafty but not as bad as Fortress Hohensalzburg in Austria. Yes, that was back in January but I visited other places as well and the area it is in is cold even for my Duluthian standards!

IMG_4393    IMG_4407

I took too many photos that I have such a hard time determining what it is that I want to post. My recommendation? If you’re a student or youth travel than use the STA Travel website for cheap airfare rates, rail passes, tourist discounts and so much more! It’s well worth it and saved me lots (though I did also purchase a one way ticket this time).

Of course, I HAD to take a photo of the river while one could see it from such a great view. Places such as this, with in depth history and older architecture compared to the United States, and they’re surrounding areas of seclusion yet also being in the city is one of the reasons to travel to Germany.


After a few friends and I ate at Cafe Flair (AMAZING cakes “kuchen” by the way), we headed off to our wine tasting. We had two different types of Reisling (Reisling Secco and Reisling Steillage) followed by a French Cuvee Andreas. I didn’t like the latter as much since it was too dry for a white wine in my opinion. My favorite was the Kir Rouge fruity liquor/ schnapps they gave us at the very end. It was by far some of the strongest I have had, yet the taste was still really peachy. I loved it! I am for sure going to buy a bottle ( or two?). Oh, and we also found a “voodoo doll” at this antique market for sale. We thought it was pretty funny and I must share this as well:


Now you have your first reason to visit Germany/ Deutschland! Until my next adventure which will be awfully soon!


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