When PMS is a Reasonable or Unreasonable Excuse

As a woman, I have occasionally used my PMS as an excuse for if I’m crabby that day or if I want chocolate and to be left alone. However, NEVER have I ever, or even thought about, using it as an excuse after committing a crime. This is a really unusual topic for me to write about, but after listening to this podcast Criminal and their episode “That Crime of the Month” I have to rant here. REALLY rant too…

The episode starts off talking about this woman who had murdered a co-worker. The lawyer’s defense was that she was PMSing.  It also mentions another woman who had beaten one of her children while she was sick in bed. They came in jumped on her, and though she called herself in to the police the children, obviously, were taken away from her and she was arrested. As the podcast goes on, they mention how PMS was kind of “created” in order to explain why women are so crazy every month. Yes, the podcast also goes on to share how studies have found that there are a few cases of PMS that do indeed cause one to be almost insane while they’re hormones are enjoying that monthly cycle. However, my concern is now we’re going to have all these criminal actions that will end up with lessened sentencing, etc simply because a woman has used the excuse of PMSing.

I’m not saying that there are not the cases of PMSing (PMDD actually) where some women admitted to wanting to hurt themselves or others. What I’m saying is there is now going to be a string of situations where women are going to use our normal, sometimes ridiculous I know, excuse of PMS for those goodies and alone time to get away with murder and who knows what else.

Unless they have, or will, invent some sort of special test to prove that that woman DOES indeed have the type of PMS that makes them want to hurt themselves I don’t want to hear about any of us women using it as an excuse to commit violence or a crime of any sort. A reasonable excuse for your PMS would be trying to get your hubby/ boyfriend/ partner/ significant other to go out and get you ice cream, watch movies with you, leave you alone, or to be at your beck and call (respectively of course).


As a woman, I can not stand the idea of using this created stereotype that all women are crazy to get away with murder or lessening my sentence in some way. I can see it now…one of my friends or someone who gets pissed off that they’re categorized as crazy during “her time of the month,” but then does something stupid of her own free will and uses PMS as an excuse in court. *sigh* ladies, ladies, ladies…what are we starting to do?!

PMDD in court

This is the link above that you can read about PMDD in courts. This type of PMS that actually is capable of making a woman insane and commit a crime or hurt herself. I’d be surprised if I didn’t get some sort of shit for this opinion blog post of mine, especially as woman since I should be more supportive, etc. No. I have every right to express my fears of women using PMS as an excuse for violence. As I said before, create some sort of test that can track one’s psychological state while she is on her period, not just the physical symptoms and what not that can’t always be proven well enough to a secondary source, but an actual way to do so and I’ll be less judgmental. Until then…if any of my girl friends or myself try to use that as an excuse…I promise I will slap you goddamn silly!


4 thoughts on “When PMS is a Reasonable or Unreasonable Excuse

  1. I have PMDD and can see where you are coming from. At the same time, I can see the other side as well. It really does make one crazy. I had two suicide attempts while in my PMDD part of the month. At the time, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. After the second time, the doctors had me track my period, sent me to therapy and blah, blah, blah. My point is: I agree with you in the sense that we can not give someone a pass to do horrible things because hormones are out of whack. If someone commits a crime, then a punishment should be in place. But, PMDD can be a motivation behind really really bad judgment. However, if one knows that they struggle during that time of the month, then steps should be in place (or one should be actively looking for steps) to manage it and to keep yourself/others safe. In other words, PMS/PMDD can be a reason, but it’s not an excuse.

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    1. I completely agree with you! I know so many people who use a lot of things in their life as excuses when they really shouldn’t. I don’t have PMDD so I can’t say I can imagine what you’ve had to deal with. I just hope you’re doing better! I hate and feel awful when I have to hear about women or people in general that have to deal with these sorts of things. The worse thing I have is Endometriosis and even then people don’t understand that.


      1. Thank you for the well wishes. Yes, I am doing better by leaps and bounds. Every month is still a struggle, but I’ve learned how to manage it. In fact, that’s what led me to the topic of my blog. The key to my sanity was changing my diet. And you are right, anything that people aren’t experiencing is hard to understand fully. I hope you are managing your difficulties successfully as well. I know Endometriosis can be a painful thing to deal with.

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