Reason #2 to Travel to Germany- The Food

I am an absolute Foodie. I love cooking, baking, sharing, and eating all kinds of food. Besides sushi, my absolute favorite, I love the food one can find here in Germany! You have the Schnitzels (pork cutlet, though you can also find Turkey “Puten” ones as well), the Brezeln (pretzels), the Weißwurst, Kartoffelnsalat, and so SO much more. I just ate lunch and I am already getting hungry thinking about all the amazing foods one can try here. There are even the non-traditional German foods that are here from various communities (Döners, Sushi and other various Asian-based restaurants, your good ‘ol Irish Pubs, Italian, etc). As you can imagine, there’s a lot of food, always so little time, and always so little money to enjoy them all! However, some of my favorites that I have had in the last couple weeks I’ll recommend below. I’m going to also have to do another German Food post though. I have so many I want to share with you all, but sometimes (Okay…MOST of the time I eat my food too quickly with excitement and forget to take photos :-/ OOPS!). So stay tuned if you want to learn about some more German food and culture in the future!

Food Recommendation #1: Putenschnitzel Hawaii (Turkey cutlet) mit Karttofelgratin (scalped potato-like dish baked with cheese)

Our second official night out with Trier University was to a restaurant for our “Geselliger Abend.” It was quite enjoyable with more free alcohol (or non-alcohol if you don’t drink) and our choice of dinner. I had a turkey cutlet that was baked with pineapple on top, and a side of cheesy potatoes. Now, I don’t do cooked pineapple. At all. Period. You order a pineapple lovers pizza back home? Not even going to get past my mouth let alone into my hands! This turkey Hawaii cutlet though…to die for!! I enjoyed it so much that I had, unsurprisingly, forgotten to take a picture of my meal to share! I was very annoyed with myself afterwards. I want to share a photo from the internet but the images are absolutely lacking in the meal I had. However, a new friend I made here (also from the states, named Alexandra and studying political science and German- though she is from Arizona) let me take a picture of the Omelette she had ordered.

Yeah…it was American sounding to have ordered one of those while in another country, but the omelette they brought out was definitely Germanized. It was HUGE with carrots, potatoes, fresh herbs and other veggies on top. I tried a bite and it was also really good. They had indeed done a good job making an American dish into their own. I DID get a picture of this simply because her meal had arrived before everyone else’s had.


Does that look like three meals for under 10 euros or what? That included the wine too by the way. If you want a decent sized meal I would recommend going to the traditional brewery houses if you can find one. They almost all have large portions of food with cheap (and delicious beer and wine. The wine I had at one in Munich years ago was filled to the top of a giant water glass rather than a normal wine one. Beer can also be ordered in small (.5 L) or larger (1 Liter).

Food Recommendation #2: Gnocchi Bolognese


Though this is obviously an Italian style dish, the cafe/ restaurant a group of friends and I visited here in Trier was by far my favorite near-by Italian restaurant. Having remembered to actually take a photo this time, in my defense it was also EXTREMELY hot and I could barely touch the bowl, I would definitely visit Donna Mia not far from the Porta Nigra in Trier’s city center. For this, my latte macchiato and a giant and delicious dessert of Tiramisu I paid only 18 euros. It may seem like a lot but I was so full that I didn’t even need to snack before bed like I normally do. I can’t normally eat only 3 meals a day. I’m a squirrel who needs to snack on multiple little ones through out so I don’t starve on my metabolism. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the Tiramisu I had ordered. I ended up even more excited to have ordered it since it came with a little scoop of ice cream, fresh raspberry jam, and in season berries and fruit (each served in their own little jars too). The Tiramisu was baked in a masonry-like jar as well so don’t let yourselves think this was some pre canned/ jarred stuff. No…it was just the way they had decided to serve it on this wooden platter. The dessert melted in my mouth (my favorite though is from a little bar and club in Leipzig, Germany- name forgotten but I do remember where it’s at).

P.S if you are to visit Donna Mia. Though we got lucky and stumbled across it and where able to walk in, apparently in the evening one should make sure to get a reservation as it is always packed. Ask to make sure you have it for a couple hours at least too. In Germany, they like to take their time to eat and enjoy themselves, so if you don’t ask for the bill to be brought to you then you can sit there for longer periods of time without them coming over once. Nevertheless, we had to make sure we were done by 20.00 since there was another group coming in.

Food Recommendation #3: Weißwurst


This make look unappetizing, but it is by far my favorite type of bratwurst one can have here in Germany. This photo is actually from this past January 2015 when I went back to Munich. Munich is very famous with their white bratwursts. I even had mustard with mine (another rare food I will not touch back home). This little restaurant can be found right near the main square where the Munich Glockenspiel (clock tower) is.

Food Recommendation #4: Küchen (yes plural for cakes as they are ALL “take my soul and give me them all” good!)

I have an extremely dangerous addiction to the cakes and sweets I can buy here in Germany. Yes, what country doesn’t have amazing desserts, but there is just something about the way that they take their time here to bake these ones every day for their customers. As someone who loves to cook and eat, I can taste the freshness of both the ingredients and the food itself as a whole. Yesterday, on our second excursion, we went to Bonn, Germany. My friends and I found one (of the many) bakeries near the Basicilla called Mr. Baker. I had ordered a super-chocolately cup of hot chocolate and a chocolate cake that had some sort of fruit in the center.


I once again inhaled my food (though I also enjoyed it!!). My absolute favorite cakes/ desserts are: Äfpelküchen, Himbeeren Johgurt torte/ cheesecake, Blackforest Cherry Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschetorte), and Sacher Torte. Basically, the rule to follow when it comes to desserts over here, if it looks good then it will taste good! I’ll post some more cakes below that I have tried before in the past though the names escape me unless I see them in a bakery to be honest.


This is a pretty decent image of the Sacher Torte I found online. It is quite amazing and definitely a traditionally cake to try!
This is a pretty decent image of the Sacher Torte I found online. It is quite amazing and definitely a traditionally cake to try!

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  1. Hi, nice article and amazing photos. I agree that German food is just the best. It all looks so good and there is nothing that I wouldn’t eat. We’re currently in Sydney as part of our little JWalking trip ( and loving it, although we did spend a month in and around Munich in the summer. Great city with fabulous food and drink.

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