Studying Abroad Update

Just a brief update as how to my orientation program here at Trier University has been going. We have our final placement test this Friday, and our classes will start on Monday. I am super excited while also very nervous at the same time. I won’t be able to sign up for classes until tomorrow afternoon, so I am hoping I get the courses that I both want (and need) to take for back home. I’ve been studying like crazy to make sure I get into the level of Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF)- German as a foreign language- course I know I am at. However, my writing in German is my biggest weakness, and the last test we took was all writing, writing, writing… -_-

Fingers still crossed since I have been practicing and writing more for our homework than is necessary. Tonight though there is a student party at Lucky Luke’s, and since I haven’t given myself a break to relax outside of the university setting I am going to go and (semi) party my butt off. I’m mainly looking forward to being able to start Softball again. Tomorrow and Saturday we have training days with a fun scrimmage-like game on Sunday. Though the clubs here are different than in the States, I am still going to enjoy this opportunity. I miss the smell of that dirt and grass…

If you’ve ever played Baseball or Softball (or any sport) you probably understand where I am coming from. As that saying goes, “You can take the (woman/man) out of the game, but you can’t take the game out of the (woman/man).” Or something like that right?

I have also started a new 30 Days Challenge (combining some abdominal and upper body strength exercises into one challenge). So far, so good…save for I am living in the land of bread and beer (not that I like the latter). All these bread carbs are screwing up my normal diet my body is used to. I shouldn’t say too much though since I am a carb lover…just not of the bread variety :-/ ha!


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