How Individualism is Shifting Religion & That’s OK

I have never considered myself to be religious, not even when I was a child being forced to go to church every other weekend until I was old enough to put the foot down on that. It’s not that I don’t hate religion, or those who believe in it. No. It’s just something I have never been able to believe or follow in general. I suppose I could be called an “agnostic atheist,” since I don’t believe in any higher power above us humans, but I can’t say that those of you who do are in the wrong. Hell, I admit to saying that Karma catches to some (or even a lot) of the people that have passed through my life. Nevertheless, I have been reading some articles hear and there on how my generation of Millennials are the least religious generation in US history.

I found this quite interesting. I know as to why I personally am not religious, but I wanted to know why so many others didn’t consider themselves so. Some even said in interviews that they didn’t even consider themselves spiritual. Part of this, and this makes complete sense, the further rise of the ‘individual.’ This growing sense of individualism among my generation is placing less and less of an emphasis on social rules, and, of course, when one is part of a religion normally they are a part of a group that follows a specific set of rules. It doesn’t matter how strict that groups’ beliefs are or not. It’s still non-individualistic.

A quote from a book I was reading reminded me of an article I had read about a little boy during an interview (something on the refugees and many civil wars today), and how he said he didn’t like how religion caused so many problems. Just for clarification I’m not hating on religion here at all. I am merely expressing how there is a fact of truth in these reasoning’s. The quote goes:

“We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel about God…” – Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

I wish I could find the article as it was from a great Human Rights source, yet when I go to type in a ton of searches only opinionated religious sites pop up (and not the “we’re welcoming to all” type). If one thinks really hard about this quote there is so much truth behind it. Think about it. Think about how not just Christianity but how every religion out there has, or still has, issues surrounding who is or isn’t right about what God said, or what the intentions were behind this part of the Bible, etc. Think about how there are still so many people (in the 21st freaking century for crying out loud!) arguing over which religion is the right one to believe in, or the Holy Wars that have been started through out the centuries because of religion.

There is a strong grain of truth behind all of this. For instance, until the Europeans came and invaded the Americas, the Natives never sat around quarreling about God and what was the right religion to believe in. No, they all had their own superstitions and oral histories passed down, and even with their own fighting among the tribes it wasn’t about who’s God was the right one. I remember a girl I went to high school with stating how I lacked the proper morals since I didn’t believe in her God. *sigh* that was long four years believe me…

morals over religion

It upsets me to hear how the generations before us blame our lack of religious beliefs today for our nation’s and world’s problems. Especially when, if you think about it, that isn’t even close to being the cause of the issues we’re dealing with. Not believing in a God(s) or a religion is not what collapses the economy, causes global warming, starts civil wars, or continues to take away the basic human rights of people today (this includes both the first and third world countries).


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