Reason #3 To Travel to Germany- The Night Life

Now, you don’t have to be a party animal in order to enjoy Germany in the evening. When I say “Night Life” I do mean there are more than the clubs to experience, and even if you do go out to the clubs or bars there are always alcoholic to non-alcoholic drinks. Last night we had a party at the Safari House Club here in Trier. It was an absolute blast with dancing from 23.00 to 04.00 in the morning. My fee are killing me from not having danced for such a long amount of time for so long.

Safari House

The Safari House is technically three night clubs rolled into one: Ranger’s Room, Zebra Club, and the Safari House. We danced in the Zebra Club last night (the Ranger’s Room wasn’t open). I haven’t gone yet, but I heard there was a Lady’s Night on Thursdays in the Zebra Club, so if you ever have the chance to go for girls’ night out than I suggest this place. The music was great, though a few songs that weren’t all that dance-able to, and the bartenders were doing amazing job keeping up with all the people coming and going. However, there were a few drinks I would’ve preferred to be a little stronger for how expensive they were. IMG_4506

That’s the other thing. Here in Germany I’ve noticed that no matter where you go out to party or hang out (even if the club has a decently priced entry free) the drinks are insanely not cheap! I like a Jack and Coke now and then but didn’t order one last night (it was 7 euros for this little thing). I suggest arrive at Happy Hours to whatever club/ bar you choose to go to. We arrived for a 1-2-3 Happy Hour for some cheaper shots, beer, and other drinks. Always look up on the Club’s or Bar’s site, or even call, to see what that night’s specials are (drinks, entry fee, and maybe even attire). Depending on the night and/ or even being hosted those may change (or they may not sometimes).

Luckys Luke

This was a little Rock n’ Roll bar and club that I went to last week with some friends and the university for another get together. If you like a little dancing, but a much more laid back atmosphere to be able to sit and talk with friends, then I suggest this place. However, the music isn’t the “pop” music you’d find in most places, so if you like that sort of genre than don’t come. We had a drink and played a game of cards we had brought with. The staff and bartenders were extremely personal and awesome to talk to (even when it came to dink suggestions that weren’t too much money). The bartender we had last week did a good job of making them a bit stronger than what I have had at the Safari House. Nevertheless, as someone who’s mom used to be a bartender for years, I can say it definitely depends on who, or isn’t, bartending that night. That ALWAYS makes a difference not just in your service, but the drinks and tastes as well.

Oh, and one other quick side note: Not all the bars and clubs have snacks or food to go on along with the alcohol. Luckys Luke had some snacks but the Safari House (Zebra Club) did not. So if you’re someone who needs to eat along with drinking, or gets hungry easily, then make sure to look into that too. The bathrooms inside Luckys Luke also had the Mars and Venus symbols (think of Austin Power’s necklace). Those were pretty clever and different than the traditional symbols now days.

This is a photo I took off the Internet so it's not mine. This is the main bar/ entrance area of LL. On the other side is a dancing area and bathrooms are downstairs.
This is a photo I took off the Internet so it’s not mine. This is the main bar/ entrance area of LL. On the other side is a dancing area and bathrooms are downstairs.

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