Joyfully Overwhelmed 

This week has seen the first few days of our courses. It’s so weird. Back home I’m used to have around four courses per semester as a full time student with the same classes either on a Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday schedule or a Tuesday/ Thursday one. Here, I have about 10 classes per week, each two hours long, but they’re different classes everyday. For instance, at Hamline I would have had a language course everyday of the week for a total of 6 hours per week, a research class on MWF for a total of three hours per week, and/or more classes on a T/Th schedule each and hour and a half long for also a total of 3 hours a week. Now, I have a grammatical structure, various political science lectures, & more only once a week on the same day. (A friend from Canada and I were talking how we feel as though we have too many classes with too much time on our hands, but we actually don’t).

Believe it or not, the most interesting and well liked course for me is the one on German Grammatical Structures. We’re basically going to spend our whole semester talking about the grammar structures of various types of sentences…[insert nerd comments here]😄. But, this course will also help me in learning by German better, as well as aid in other courses. It’s also so much more energetic than my lectures and seminars I have to sit through.

I’m hoping I chose the right Chinese class to study on Fridays. They don’t exactly give course descriptions on their web pages as they do back home either. Oh well…we’ll have to wait and see!

At the same time that I am enjoying myself, I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Not the overwhelming in a culture-shocked kind-of-way, but more of the “do I have enough classes now to transfer back home?” Or, “it’s only day one but I didn’t understand a few words the professor just said…am I going to pass??” Yeah, a lot of it is just me stressing myself out and not using my usual confidence. It doesn’t help that I’ve been wanting to write more than brief updates lately. All this college starting and stuff has me clueless on what to write about. Any ideas you’d like to discuss or share would be more than appreciated. 🙂

Off to enjoy a “buddy program” party and eat more free food!


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