Reason #4 to Travel to Germany- Weihnachtsmarkts

For starters, sorry it’s been a really long while since my last post. My courses are picking up their pace as the year has gone on, and I have been having a ton of homework and readings to do. They wouldn’t take me so long normally, but I am doing it in a foreign language ha!

Anyways, the Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmarkt) have opened up here in Germany, and I am so happy that I actually get to be here this year to experience them! Trier’s is not the largest market or the grandest, but it has still been enjoyable to walk through them every evening to see the lights and the Christmas tree. I already have my gifts picked out that I’ll be sending back home. However, I may have spent a little TOO much this year…lol. They all better love them!!

There is tons of food to choose from when going to any German Christmas Market. You have Dampfkundel, currywurst, Bratwursts, Gluhwein (red or white), mini-Italian like pancakes, and so much more!! I spend a lot of my time eating and drinking (it’s hard not too!). My favorite is drinking some rich, hot chocolate (heisse schokolade) with Bailey’s in it. On top of that, I spend way too much money eating Hot Chestnuts throughout the evening!



There hasn’t been any “snow” here in Trier lately, and the one time it did “snow” it melted instantly due to the ground being so wet from the constant rain. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is still very Christmas-like, and there are plenty of rides for the children to enjoy.

As a Minnesotan, my absolute favorite has been the chance to ice-skate in on of the other nearby squares. I don’t know how they keep it cold enough in this warm weather, but they do, and that is all I am happy for! It’s weird not seeing so much ice and snow covering everything by now. I heard from the news, and saw on some posts from friends and family, that there is already a TON of snow back home. It’s actually a little late in arriving but, it’s better late than never! I can’t believe I’m actually missing the snow and wanting it to arrive. I have been walking around this whole time in either a light jacket or a vest with a long sleeve shirt underneath. Everyone else here has winter coats on, and myself and some of the Russians are completely confused!!

I highly recommend that, and I didn’t get a chance to go this year due to a lack of travel funds, one visits Nuremberg Christmas Markets. It is one of the greatest in Germany, and there are an endless number of booths compared to little Trier.


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