Blog Title Change

It has been an EXTREMELY long time since I posted and I feel really bad!! Since coming back from Europe last August, I have had to do nothing but work, study, take evening courses, eat, sleep (some) and start over the next day. I decided to make changes to my site here on WordPress for a few reasons.

One, as I am graduating this spring from University I will be able to have more free time and extra money to do what I love the most: travel and enjoy new adventures, plus run in between. I am currently taking Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate course this semester and that is taking up much of my time. I began to feel stressed out and disappointed that I was unable to write on here as much as I had tried to do. So, to ease that stress and disappointment towards myself, I will focus more on my adventures than anything else.

Two, as I mentioned above: STRESS!! I study politics for school and to be honest having to read and write about everything that has been going on this past year was far too upsetting for me and I ended up writing my anger out in a paper journal rather than online. I could rewrite all that on here, however, I think I’m going to keep some parts of my life I enjoy stress-free (such as this site) and focus on happier things. 🙂

Finally, the meaning behind my site page. Before it was “Now There’s a Thought or Two?” Now, though it will “Fernweh Gedanken” which is German for Wanderlust Thoughts. No worries!! I will still write in English so in case nobody can understand German, but I just always loved that word: Fernweh…To me, it has such a…lustful sound to it (meaning me obsessing being somewhere else than where I am at this very moment!).

I promise to try to write more about my adventures I had abroad and the one’s I have coming up!! Enjoy you weekend everyone!


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